Highest Partnerships Against Combined Campuses and Colleges By Guyana

1113 S Chattergoon & TM DowlinGuyana National Stadium, Providence2007/08a18421
2133 K Savory & TA ImlachQueen's Park Oval, Port of Spain2022/23a29516
358 TM Dowlin & N DeonarineGuyana National Stadium, Providence2007/08a18421
485 LR Johnson & S ChanderpaulKensington Oval, Bridgetown2016/17a25132
591*RR Sarwan & S ChanderpaulGuyana National Stadium, Providence2009/10a20139
625 K Sinclair & SE RutherfordQueen's Park Oval, Port of Spain2022/23a29516
748*AB Fudadin & DO ChristianGuyana National Stadium, Providence2008/09a19219
844 A Bramble & V PermaulQueen's Park Oval, Port of Spain2014/15a23926
921 RA Reifer & C PestanoKensington Oval, Bridgetown2018/19a26883
1016 TA Imlach & N SmithSir Frank Worrell Memorial Ground, St Augustine2023/24a30323