Teams Sam Wood played for

Second Eleven ChampionshipLeicestershire Second XI (2021-2023)
Second Eleven Twenty20Leicestershire Second XI (2022)
Leicestershire Premier LeagueNewtown Linford (2021-2022)
National Village KnockoutNewtown Linford (2021)
Under-14 County CupLeicestershire and Rutland Under-14s (2018-2019)
Under-15 County CupLeicestershire and Rutland Under-15s (2018)
Under-18 County CupLeicestershire Under-18s (2021-2022)
Under-18 County ChampionshipLeicestershire Under-18s (2022)
Under-18 Twenty20Leicestershire Under-18s (2022)
MiscellaneousLeicestershire and Rutland Under-15s (2020)
 Leicestershire Second XI (2021)
 Newtown Linford (2022)
 ECB Elite Player Development Midlands Under-17s (2022)
 Leicestershire Under-18s (2022)
 Leicestershire Academy (2022)