Miscellaneous Matches played on Guthrie Park, Brechin (25)

(count excludes the 6 matches in which no play was possible)
Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
14th July 1954 South Australia XI in British Isles 1954  Strathmore Union v South Australia XImisc333785
4th July 1956 Pakistan Eaglets in British Isles 1956  Strathmore Union v Pakistan Eagletsmisc801937
14th July 1963 Other matches in Scotland 1963  Strathmore Union v Scottish Countiesmisc774932a
13th May 1973 Rothmans Quaich 1973 First RoundBrechin v Stenhousemuirmisc240354
23rd June 1974 Other matches in Scotland 1974  Brechin v Scottish Cricket Union President's XImisc430681
11th May 1975 Rothmans Quaich 1975 First RoundBrechin v Huntlymisc240324
15th May 1977 Shish Mahal Trophy 1977 First RoundBrechin v Prestwickmisc240293
14th May 1978 Shish Mahal Trophy 1978 First RoundBrechin v Prestwickmisc240278
27th May 1984 British Reserve Insurance Trophy 1984 Group 1North of Scotland v South of Scotlandmisc182559
22nd April 1991 Other matches in Scotland 1991 Scotland Trial MatchScotland XI v The Restmisc642899
11th July 1993 National Cricket Association County Championship 1993 Group 1North of Scotland v Strathclyde Eastmisc183254
11th June 1995 SCU Trophy 1995 First RoundBrechin v Clydesdalemisc240879
4th May 1997 SCU Trophy 1997 Preliminary RoundBrechin v Stenhousemuirmisc240802a
22nd June 1997 ECB Recreational County Championship 1997 Group 1North of Scotland v South of Scotlandmisc183605a
17th May 1998 SCU Trophy 1998 First RoundBrechin v Selkirkmisc240773
21st May 2000 SCU Trophy 2000 First RoundBrechin v Leith Franklin Academicalsmisc240719a
6th May 2001 SCU Trophy 2001 First RoundBrechin v Hawick and Wiltonmisc240683
30th May 2004 Small Clubs Cup 2004 First RoundBrechin v Cultsmisc243390
20th May 2007 Lloyds TSB Scotland Small Clubs Cup 2007 Second RoundBrechin v Kintoremisc243329
25th May 2008 Lloyds TSB Scotland Small Clubs Cup 2008 First RoundBrechin v Kintoremisc243301
24th June 2015 Other matches in Scotland 2015  Brechin Buccaneers v The Forty Clubmisc619802
29th June 2016 Other matches in Scotland 2016  Brechin Buccaneers v The Forty Clubmisc800319
28th June 2017 Other matches in Scotland 2017  Brechin Buccaneers v The Forty Clubmisc800547a
27th June 2018 Other matches in Scotland 2018  Brechin Buccaneers v The Forty Clubmisc800775
26th June 2019 The Forty Club in Scotland 2019  Brechin Buccaneers v The Forty Clubmisc823877
13th September 2020 Under-14 Regional Twenty20 Tournament 2020  Caledonian Highlanders Under-14s v Eastern Knights Under-14smisc854273
13th September 2020 Under-14 Regional Twenty20 Tournament 2020  Caledonian Highlanders Under-14s v Eastern Knights Under-14smisc854272
20th June 2021 Under-17 Regional One Day Tournament 2021  Caledonian Highlanders Under-17s v Eastern Knights Under-17smisc865847
23rd June 2021 Other matches in Scotland 2021  Brechin v The Forty Clubmisc862045a
29th May 2022 Other matches in Scotland 2022  Caledonian Highlanders v The Forty Clubmisc888728
22nd June 2022 Other matches in Scotland 2022  Brechin v The Forty Clubmisc896446