Miscellaneous Matches played on Manderston, Duns (21)

(count excludes the 7 matches in which no play was possible)
Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
6th August 1948 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1948  Major H Bailie's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc572921
5th August 1949 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1949  Major H Bailie's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc572966
11th August 1950 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1950  Major NH Baillie's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc634777
8th August 1953 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1953  Hon Mrs Palmer's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc574892
August 1973 Yorkshire Cricket Federation Under-19s in Scotland 1973  Scotland Border Cricket Association Colts v Yorkshire Cricket Federation Under-19smisc191692
15th August 1973 Yorkshire Cricket Federation XI in Scotland 1973  Scottish Cricket Union President's XI v Yorkshire Cricket Federation XImisc643257
24th May 1998 Clubsport Small Clubs Cup 1998 First RoundManderston v Dounemisc243645a
7th June 1998 Clubsport Small Clubs Cup 1998 Second RoundManderston v Montrosemisc243657
23rd May 1999 Clubsport Small Clubs Cup 1999 First RoundManderston v Highlandmisc243581
30th May 1999 Clubsport Small Clubs Cup 1999 Second RoundManderston v St Andrews University Staffmisc243610a
21st May 2000 Clubsport Small Clubs Cup 2000 First RoundManderston v Rossie Priorymisc243545
3rd June 2001 Readers Small Clubs Cup 2001 Second RoundManderston v Kinlochmisc243507
17th June 2001 Readers Small Clubs Cup 2001 Third RoundManderston v Ellon Gordonmisc243516
7th August 2005 Other matches in Scotland 2005  Manderston v The Forty Clubmisc811167
6th August 2006 Other matches in Scotland 2006  Manderston v The Forty Clubmisc397308
5th August 2007 Other matches in Scotland 2007  Manderston v The Forty Clubmisc397517a
3rd August 2008 Other matches in Scotland 2008  Manderston v The Forty Clubmisc397757a
2nd August 2009 Other matches in Scotland 2009  Manderston v The Forty Clubmisc412674
1st August 2010 Other matches in Scotland 2010  Manderston v The Forty Clubmisc398105
6th July 2011 Other matches in Scotland 2011  Borders Under-17s v The Forty Clubmisc412725a
10th August 2014 Other matches in Scotland 2014  Manderston v The Forty Clubmisc398739
9th August 2015 Other matches in Scotland 2015  Manderston v The Forty Clubmisc619808
7th August 2016 Other matches in Scotland 2016  Manderston v The Forty Clubmisc800374
6th August 2017 Other matches in Scotland 2017  Manderston v The Forty Clubmisc800614a
5th August 2018 Other matches in Scotland 2018  Manderston v The Forty Clubmisc800830
4th August 2019 The Forty Club in Scotland 2019  Manderston v The Forty Clubmisc823929a
1st August 2021 Other matches in Scotland 2021  Manderston v The Forty Clubmisc862108
31st July 2022 Other matches in Scotland 2022  Manderston v The Forty Clubmisc897083