Miscellaneous Matches played on Sheddon Park, Kelso (47)

(count excludes the 4 matches in which no play was possible)
Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
28th September 1857 United England Eleven matches 1857  Kelso v United England Elevenmisc69087
July 1859 Other matches in Scotland 1859  Kelso v Hawick and Wiltonmisc733592
22nd September 1859 United England Eleven matches 1859  Kelso v United England Elevenmisc69162
26th July 1860 Stockton-on-Tees in Scotland 1860  Kelso v Stockton-on-Teesmisc166295
18th July 1870 Other matches in Scotland 1870  Kelso v Hawick and Wiltonmisc733105
10th August 1872 Other matches in Scotland 1872  Kelso v Hawick and Wiltonmisc732584
13th June 1931 Scottish Border League 1931  Kelso v Peebles Countymisc413503
17th July 1966 Other matches in Scotland 1966  South of Scotland v East of Scotlandmisc410110
1967 Rothmans Quaich 1967 Second RoundKelso v West of Scotlandmisc240422
16th July 1967 Other matches in Scotland 1967  South of Scotland Under-21s v East of Scotland Under-21smisc632111
7th August 1970 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1970  Kelso v Eton Ramblersmisc525463
2nd August 1971 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1971  Kelso v Eton Ramblersmisc576756
31st July 1972 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1972  Kelso v Eton Ramblersmisc579956
30th July 1973 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1973  MR Taylor's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc576830
29th July 1974 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1974  Kelso v Eton Ramblersmisc580033
28th July 1975 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1975  MR Taylor's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc577001
26th July 1976 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1976  MR Taylor's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc577072
1st August 1977 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1977  MR Taylor's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc572058
31st July 1978 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1978  MR Taylor's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc572618
30th July 1979 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1979  MR Taylor's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc580102
28th July 1980 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1980  MR Taylor's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc574146
27th July 1981 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1981  MR Taylor's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc574205
26th July 1982 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1982  MR Taylor's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc574263
25th July 1983 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1983  MR Taylor's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc533495
30th July 1984 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1984  MR Taylor's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc533552
19th May 1985 National Cricket Association County Championship 1985 Group 1South of Scotland v North of Scotlandmisc182635
29th July 1985 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1985  MR Taylor's XI v Eton Ramblersmisc533611
15th June 1986 National Cricket Association County Championship 1986 Group 1South of Scotland v East of Scotlandmisc182710
28th July 1986 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1986  Kelso v Eton Ramblersmisc579723
27th July 1987 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1987  Kelso v Eton Ramblersmisc579781
1st August 1988 Eton Ramblers in Scotland 1988  Kelso v Eton Ramblersmisc579836
5th June 1994 National Cricket Association County Championship 1994 Group 1South of Scotland v Edinburghmisc183334
6th July 1997 ECB Recreational County Championship 1997 Group 1South of Scotland v Edinburghmisc183608
30th May 1999 SCU Trophy 1999 First RoundKelso v Forfarshiremisc240747
21st May 2000 SCU Trophy 2000 First RoundKelso v Clackmannan Countymisc240711
18th June 2000 SCU Trophy 2000 Second RoundKelso v Gordoniansmisc240726a
16th July 2000 SCU Trophy 2000 Semi-FinalKelso v Irvinemisc240733
6th May 2001 SCU Trophy 2001 First RoundKelso v Stewart's Melville Royal Highmisc240688
20th May 2001 Under-17 District Championship 2001  South of Scotland Under-17s v East of Scotland Under-17smisc640596
22nd May 2011 Cricket Scotland Under-13 Cup 2011 First RoundKelso Under-13s v Gala Under-13smisc327399
5th June 2011 Cricket Scotland Under-13 Cup 2011 Second RoundKelso Under-13s v Hawick and Wilton Under-13smisc327411
19th June 2011 Cricket Scotland Under-13 Cup 2011 Quarter-FinalKelso Under-13s v Ferguslie Under-13smisc327417
July 2012 Murgitroyd Twenty20 Cup 2012 Borders Section FinalKelso v Dumfriesmisc264402a
26th May 2013 Murgitroyd Twenty20 Cup 2013 Borders Section First RoundKelso v Dumfriesmisc354849
16th June 2013 Cricket Scotland Under-15 Cup 2013 First RoundKelso Under-15s v Gala Under-15smisc327328a
1st June 2014 Cricket Scotland Under-13 Cup 2014 First RoundKelso Under-13s v Watsonians Under-13smisc419803
11th June 2017 Other matches in Scotland 2017  Kelso v The Forty Clubmisc800634
19th August 2018 Other matches in Scotland 2018  Kelso v The Forty Clubmisc800850
18th August 2019 The Forty Club in Scotland 2019  Kelso v The Forty Clubmisc823948
15th August 2021 Other matches in Scotland 2021  Kelso Second XI v The Forty Clubmisc862124a
14th August 2022 Other matches in Scotland 2022  Kelso v The Forty Clubmisc897370