Miscellaneous Matches played on Victory Park, Meigle (14)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
10th May 1981 Shish Mahal Trophy 1981 First RoundMeigle v Strathmoremisc240239
2nd June 1996 SCU Trophy 1996 First RoundMeigle v Strathmoremisc240853
21st May 2000 SCU Trophy 2000 First RoundMeigle v Dumfriesmisc240707
6th May 2001 SCU Trophy 2001 First RoundMeigle v Galamisc240684a
3rd June 2001 SCU Trophy 2001 Second RoundMeigle v Stewart's Melville Royal Highmisc240693
1st July 2001 SCU Trophy 2001 Quarter-FinalMeigle v Arbroath Unitedmisc240698
8th July 2001 Other matches in Scotland 2001  Meigle v Dundee High School Former Pupilsmisc542812
2002 SCU Trophy 2002 Second RoundMeigle v St Modan's High School Former Pupilsmisc240672
2002 SCU Trophy 2002 Quarter-FinalMeigle v Falklandmisc240675
25th July 2005 European Under-19 Championship 2005 Division 2Belgium Under-19s v France Under-19smisc3944
30th July 2005 European Under-19 Championship 2005 Division 2France Under-19s v Germany Under-19smisc3963
21st July 2009 European Under-15 Championship 2009  Denmark Under-15s v Ireland Under-15smisc97274
30th May 2010 SCU Trophy 2010 First RoundMeigle v Huntlymisc238635
2013 Murgitroyd Twenty20 Cup 2013 Caledonia Section Preliminary RoundMeigle v Glenrothesmisc354840
31st May 2016 Murgitroyd Twenty20 Cup 2016 Caledonia Section First RoundMeigle v Glenrothesmisc729935