Scotland Cap Matches played on Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow (61)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
23rd June 1868 Birkenhead Park in Scotland 1868  Scotland v Birkenhead Parkscotcap3
23rd June 1887 United Eleven in Scotland 1887  Scotland v United Elevenscotcap15
20th June 1889 Nottinghamshire in Scotland 1889  Scotland v Nottinghamshirescotcap20
22nd May 1890 A Shrewsbury's XI in Scotland 1890  Scotland v A Shrewsbury's XIscotcap22
30th June 1890 WG Grace's XI in Scotland 1890  Scotland v WG Grace's XIscotcap23
23rd July 1891 England XI in Scotland 1891  Scotland v England XIscotcap26
16th July 1903 Sussex in Scotland 1903  Scotland v Sussexscotcap37
18th July 1907 South Africa in British Isles 1907  Scotland v South Africansscotcap43
20th July 1911 Ireland in Scotland 1911  Scotland v Irelandscotcap49
24th June 1912 South Africa in British Isles 1912  Scotland v South Africansscotcap51
13th July 1922 Ireland in Scotland 1922  Scotland v Irelandscotcap68
7th July 1923 Surrey in Scotland 1923  Scotland v Surreyscotcap70
1st May 1924 Yorkshire in Scotland 1924  Scotland v Yorkshirescotcap73
31st May 1924 South Africa in British Isles 1924  Scotland v South Africansscotcap75
24th June 1927 New Zealand in British Isles 1927  Scotland v New Zealandersscotcap82
15th July 1931 New Zealand in British Isles 1931  Scotland v New Zealandersscotcap90
19th July 1935 South Africa in British Isles 1935  Scotland v South Africansscotcap97
3rd July 1936 Sir J Cahn's XI in Scotland 1936  Scotland v Sir J Cahn's XIscotcap102
17th July 1937 New Zealand in British Isles 1937  Scotland v New Zealandersscotcap104
16th July 1938 Ireland in Scotland 1938  Scotland v Irelandscotcap109
6th August 1938 Australia in British Isles 1938  Scotland v Australiansscotcap112
17th July 1946 Yorkshire in Scotland 1946  Scotland v Yorkshirescotcap120
24th July 1948 Ireland in Scotland 1948  Scotland v Irelandscotcap127
16th July 1949 New Zealand in British Isles 1949  Scotland v New Zealandersscotcap133
11th July 1951 South Africa in British Isles 1951  Scotland v South Africansscotcap142
25th June 1952 Yorkshire in Scotland 1952  Scotland v Yorkshirescotcap144
17th June 1953 Yorkshire in Scotland 1953  Scotland v Yorkshirescotcap148
21st May 1955 Worcestershire in Scotland 1955  Scotland v Worcestershirescotcap157
12th September 1956 Australia in British Isles 1956  Scotland v Australiansscotcap165
11th July 1958 New Zealand in British Isles 1958  Scotland v New Zealandersscotcap175
12th August 1961 Denmark in British Isles 1961  Scotland v Denmarkscotcap186
15th July 1965 New Zealand in British Isles 1965  Scotland v New Zealandersscotcap202
10th August 1966 West Indies in British Isles 1966  Scotland v West Indiansscotcap208
14th June 1967 Marylebone Cricket Club in Scotland 1967  Scotland v Marylebone Cricket Clubscotcap209
3rd August 1968 Ireland in Scotland 1968  Scotland v Irelandscotcap213
2nd July 1969 New Zealand in British Isles 1969  Scotland v New Zealandersscotcap216
16th July 1969 Marylebone Cricket Club in Scotland 1969  Scotland v Marylebone Cricket Clubscotcap218
28th May 1975 Yorkshire in Scotland 1975  Scotland v Yorkshirescotcap241
7th August 1976 Ireland in Scotland 1976  Scotland v Irelandscotcap247
27th June 1980 Netherlands in Scotland 1980  Scotland v Netherlandsscotcap269
17th May 1983 Benson and Hedges Cup 1983 Group AScotland v Gloucestershirescotcap291
17th May 1984 Benson and Hedges Cup 1984 Group AScotland v Leicestershirescotcap298
16th May 1987 Benson and Hedges Cup 1987 Group BScotland v Yorkshirescotcap322
26th April 1988 Benson and Hedges Cup 1988 Group AScotland v Derbyshirescotcap327
3rd May 1988 Benson and Hedges Cup 1988 Group AScotland v Leicestershirescotcap327a
13th May 1989 Benson and Hedges Cup 1989 Group DScotland v Northamptonshirescotcap336
15th July 1989 Australia in British Isles 1989  Scotland v Australiansscotcap339
1st May 1990 Benson and Hedges Cup 1990 Group DScotland v Essexscotcap341
20th July 1990 England Amateur XI in Scotland 1990  Scotland v England Amateur XIscotcap348
7th May 1991 Benson and Hedges Cup 1991 Group CScotland v Kentscotcap354
5th May 1992 Benson and Hedges Cup 1992 Group BScotland v Hampshirescotcap365
11th June 1994 Ireland in Scotland 1994  Scotland v Irelandscotcap383
22nd July 1994 Triple Crown Tournament 1994  Scotland v England Amateur XIscotcap388
2nd May 1995 Benson and Hedges Cup 1995 Group BScotland v Yorkshirescotcap395
20th August 1997 Marylebone Cricket Club in Scotland 1997  Scotland v Marylebone Cricket Clubscotcap443
2nd July 1998 Triple Crown Tournament 1998  Scotland v England and Wales Cricket Board XIscotcap453
4th July 1998 Bangladesh in British Isles 1998  Scotland v Bangladeshisscotcap454
10th August 1998 Australia A in British Isles 1998  Scotland v Australia Ascotcap464
7th August 1999 South Africa Academy in Ireland and Scotland 1999  Scotland v South Africa Academyscotcap488
24th July 2000 European Championship 2000 Division OneScotland v England and Wales Cricket Board XIscotcap501
7th June 2003 Pakistan in British Isles 2003  Scotland v Pakistanisscotcap537
9th August 2006 European Championship Division One 2006  Scotland v Italyscotcap626