National Bank of Pakistan Sports Complex, Karachi - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

364-2Karachi Dolphins v Quetta Bears2008/09a19638
359-7Central Punjab v Northern2022/23a29730
356-2Northern v Baluchistan2022/23a29720
356-3National Bank of Pakistan v Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited2014/15a23978
343-7National Bank of Pakistan v Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited2014/15a23955
335-9National Bank of Pakistan v Karachi Whites2015/16a24541
326-5Quetta Bears v Multan Tigers2011/12a21851
321Sui Southern Gas Corporation v Karachi Dolphins2007/08a18878
320-5Habib Bank Limited v National Bank of Pakistan2017/18a25855
317-7National Bank of Pakistan v Habib Bank Limited2017/18a25855
316-7Habib Bank Limited v National Bank of Pakistan2015/16a24596
315-8Central Punjab v Khyber Pakhtunkhwa2022/23a29782
311-5Khyber Pakhtunkhwa v Central Punjab2020/21a28092
305-5Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited v Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited2014/15a24000
305-7Central Punjab v Khyber Pakhtunkhwa2020/21a28092
305-9Northern v Khyber Pakhtunkhwa2022/23a29758
304Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited v Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited2014/15a24000
301-8Khan Research Laboratories v Lahore Whites2015/16a24553
300-6Faisalabad Wolves v Lahore Eagles2005/06a17345
297State Bank of Pakistan v Lahore Lions2010/11a21061
293-7Karachi Dolphins v Sui Southern Gas Corporation2007/08a18878
293National Bank of Pakistan v Lahore Whites2015/16a24530
290-5Peshawar Panthers v Karachi Zebras2005/06a17317
289-4Sindh v Central Punjab2020/21a28102
288National Bank of Pakistan v Rawalpindi Rams2014/15a23921
288National Bank of Pakistan v Habib Bank Limited2015/16a24596
287Central Punjab v Sindh2020/21a28102
286-5Pakistan Customs v Khan Research Laboratories2005/06a17153
286-7Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited v National Bank of Pakistan2014/15a23978
286-9Northern v Central Punjab2022/23a29730
285-9Khan Research Laboratories v Pakistan Customs2005/06a17153
284-7Karachi Zebras v Peshawar Panthers2005/06a17317
283-6Central Punjab v Sindh2020/21a28131
282-2Habib Bank Limited v Lahore Whites2015/16a24514
281-8Lahore Whites v Habib Bank Limited2015/16a24514
277-6Sindh v Northern2020/21a28121
277-6Sindh v Central Punjab2020/21a28131
277-9Water and Power Development Authority v Khan Research Laboratories2017/18a25863
273-3Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited v Khan Research Laboratories2005/06a17211
272-5Federally Administered Tribal Areas v Karachi Whites2015/16a24572
272-6Khan Research Laboratories v Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited2005/06a17211
272-9Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited v Lahore Eagles2007/08a18934
270-9Lahore Eagles v Rawalpindi Rams2006/07a18049
270-9Karachi Whites v National Bank of Pakistan2015/16a24541
270Pakistan Television v Khan Research Laboratories2017/18a25881
269-7Karachi Whites v Federally Administered Tribal Areas2015/16a24572
266-9Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited v Abbottabad Rhinos2007/08a18873
265-9Khyber Pakhtunkhwa v Southern Punjab2022/23a29779
264Lahore Eagles v Faisalabad Wolves2005/06a17345
264Northern v Sindh2020/21a28121
262-6Dadu v Lahore Blues2002/03a14959
259-4State Bank of Pakistan v Karachi Zebras2010/11a21020
257-8Habib Bank Limited v Khan Research Laboratories2005/06a17161
257-8Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited v Khan Research Laboratories2007/08a18938
256-9Islamabad Leopards v Multan Tigers2013/14a23158
256Khan Research Laboratories v Habib Bank Limited2005/06a17161
256Sindh v Khyber Pakhtunkhwa2020/21a28098
255-7Karachi Zebras v State Bank of Pakistan2010/11a21020
254-4Multan Tigers v Quetta Bears2008/09a19621
254-4Sindh v Baluchistan2022/23a29768
253Baluchistan v Sindh2022/23a29768
252-4Northern v Baluchistan2020/21a28123
252Lahore Blues v Dadu2002/03a14959
251-6Quetta Bears v Multan Tigers2008/09a19621