Defence Housing Authority Stadium, Karachi - Highest Team Totals in List A matches

295-9Port Qasim Authority v State Bank of Pakistan2014/15a23956
286-8Bangladesh Emerging Players v Hong Kong2018/19a26944
283-6Pakistan National Shipping Corporation v Quetta1998/99a11844
281-9Port Qasim Authority v United Bank Limited2013/14a23224
279-9State Bank of Pakistan v Port Qasim Authority2014/15a23956
277-9Khan Research Laboratories v Port Qasim Authority2014/15a23997
275-7National Bank of Pakistan v Pakistan National Shipping Corporation1995/96a9616
272State Bank of Pakistan v Islamabad Leopards2014/15a23923
268-7Karachi Blues v National Bank of Pakistan1996/97a10366
267-7National Bank of Pakistan v Karachi Blues1996/97a10366
267United Arab Emirates v Bangladesh Emerging Players2018/19a26939
263-8Pakistan National Shipping Corporation v Rawalpindi B1995/96a9581
258-7Hong Kong v Bangladesh Emerging Players2018/19a26944
252-3Pakistan National Shipping Corporation v Karachi Blues1996/97a10353
252Peshawar Panthers v Hyderabad Hawks2009/10a20395
251-9Karachi Blues v Pakistan National Shipping Corporation1996/97a10353
250-6United Bank Limited v Port Qasim Authority2013/14a23224