First-Class Matches played on Pukekura Park, New Plymouth (55)

26th January 1951 Plunket Shield 1950/51  Central Districts v Aucklandf19034
13th January 1954 Plunket Shield 1953/54  Central Districts v Otagof20318
29th December 1956 Plunket Shield 1956/57  Central Districts v Northern Districtsf21596
23rd March 1957 Australia in New Zealand 1956/57  Central Districts v Australiansf21670
29th December 1958 Plunket Shield 1958/59  Central Districts v Aucklandf22532
29th December 1960 Plunket Shield 1960/61  Central Districts v Otagof23558
29th December 1961 Plunket Shield 1961/62  Central Districts v Wellingtonf24102
18th February 1963 Other First-Class matches in New Zealand 1962/63  Central Districts v New Zealand XIf24662
9th January 1965 Plunket Shield 1964/65  Central Districts v Aucklandf25621
8th February 1965 Pakistan in Australia and New Zealand 1964/65  Central Districts v Pakistanisf25657
7th January 1966 Plunket Shield 1965/66  Central Districts v Canterburyf26114
2nd January 1967 Plunket Shield 1966/67  Central Districts v Northern Districtsf26603
3rd March 1967 Australia in New Zealand 1966/67  New Zealand v Australiaf26661
9th February 1968 India in Australia and New Zealand 1967/68  Central Districts v Indiansf27142
3rd January 1969 Plunket Shield 1968/69  Central Districts v Northern Districtsf27588
13th February 1969 Other First-Class matches in New Zealand 1968/69  North Island v South Islandf27634
21st March 1970 Australia in New Zealand 1969/70  Central Districts v Australiansf28158
12th January 1971 Plunket Shield 1970/71  Central Districts v Otagof28523
26th December 1973 Plunket Shield 1973/74  Central Districts v Wellingtonf29917
7th February 1975 Other First-Class matches in New Zealand 1974/75  New Zealand v The Restf30485
16th December 1977 Shell Cup 1977/78  Central Districts v Wellingtonf31841
1st February 1978 England in New Zealand and Pakistan 1977/78  Central Districts v England XIf31927
30th December 1978 Shell Cup 1978/79  Central Districts v Aucklandf32378
9th March 1979 Shell Trophy 1978/79 FinalCentral Districts v Otagof32499
26th January 1980 Shell Trophy 1979/80  Central Districts v Wellingtonf32933
30th January 1981 Shell Trophy 1980/81  Central Districts v Canterburyf33445
30th January 1982 Shell Trophy 1981/82  Central Districts v Aucklandf33957
1st January 1983 Shell Trophy 1982/83  Central Districts v Wellingtonf34433
26th January 1984 Shell Trophy 1983/84  Central Districts v Canterburyf35057
27th December 1984 Shell Trophy 1984/85  Central Districts v Northern Districtsf35542
2nd February 1986 Shell Trophy 1985/86  Central Districts v Aucklandf36212
8th March 1986 Australia in New Zealand 1985/86  Central Districts v Australiansf36286
5th February 1987 Shell Trophy 1986/87  Central Districts v Canterburyf36850
5th January 1988 Shell Trophy 1987/88  Central Districts v Otagof37307
7th February 1988 England in Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan 1987/88  Shell XI v England XIf37396
29th January 1989 Shell Trophy 1988/89  Central Districts v Wellingtonf37939
14th January 1990 Shell Trophy 1989/90  Central Districts v Otagof38513
22nd January 1990 India in New Zealand 1989/90  New Zealand Cricket Council President's XI v Indiansf38538
1st February 1991 Shell Trophy 1990/91  Central Districts v Aucklandf39194
3rd January 1992 Shell Trophy 1991/92  Central Districts v Canterburyf39738
24th January 1992 England in New Zealand 1991/92  Central Districts v England XIf39776
16th February 1993 Australia in New Zealand 1992/93  New Zealand Board XI v Australiansf40422
14th March 1994 India in New Zealand 1993/94  New Zealand Academy v Indiansf41023
27th January 1995 Shell Trophy 1994/95  Central Districts v Northern Districtsf41572
22nd February 1998 Shell Trophy 1997/98  Central Districts v Aucklandf43586
5th March 2000 Shell Trophy 1999/00  Central Districts v Wellingtonf45034
28th December 2001 State Championship 2001/02  Central Districts v Canterburyf46237
3rd January 2004 State Championship 2003/04  Central Districts v Otagof47694
26th February 2004 State Championship 2003/04  Central Districts v Aucklandf47820
4th March 2005 State Championship 2004/05  Central Districts v Canterburyf48533
27th February 2006 State Championship 2005/06  Central Districts v Otagof49242
21st March 2009 State Championship 2008/09  Central Districts v Canterburyf51520
4th March 2010 Plunket Shield 2009/10  Central Districts v Canterburyf52311
15th February 2015 Plunket Shield 2014/15  Central Districts v Northern Districtsf56198
8th March 2015 Plunket Shield 2014/15  Central Districts v Wellingtonf56275