Test Matches played on M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore (24)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
22nd November 1974 West Indies in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka 1974/75 1st TestIndia v West Indiest745
28th January 1977 Marylebone Cricket Club in India, Sri Lanka and Australia 1976/77 4th TestIndia v Englandt794
15th December 1978 West Indies in India and Sri Lanka 1978/79 2nd TestIndia v West Indiest837
19th September 1979 Australia in India 1979/80 2nd TestIndia v Australiat856
21st November 1979 Pakistan in India and Bangladesh 1979/80 1st TestIndia v Pakistant861
9th December 1981 England in India and Sri Lanka 1981/82 2nd TestIndia v Englandt912
14th September 1983 Pakistan in India 1983/84 1st TestIndia v Pakistant961
13th March 1987 Pakistan in India 1986/87 5th TestIndia v Pakistant1073
12th November 1988 New Zealand in India 1988/89 1st TestIndia v New Zealandt1107
26th January 1994 Sri Lanka in India 1993/94 2nd TestIndia v Sri Lankat1245
18th October 1995 New Zealand in India 1995/96 1st TestIndia v New Zealandt1308
25th March 1998 Australia in India 1997/98 3rd TestIndia v Australiat1413
2nd March 2000 South Africa in India 1999/00 2nd TestIndia v South Africat1486
19th December 2001 England in India 2001/02 3rd TestIndia v Englandt1578
6th October 2004 Australia in India 2004/05 1st TestIndia v Australiat1713
24th March 2005 Pakistan in India 2004/05 3rd TestIndia v Pakistant1743
8th December 2007 Pakistan in India 2007/08 3rd TestIndia v Pakistant1852
9th October 2008 Australia in India 2008/09 1st TestIndia v Australiat1887
9th October 2010 Australia in India 2010/11 2nd TestIndia v Australiat1973
31st August 2012 New Zealand in India 2012 2nd TestIndia v New Zealandt2055
7th November 2014 West Indies in India 2014/15 2nd TestIndia v West Indiest2143a
14th November 2015 South Africa in India 2015/16 2nd TestIndia v South Africat2188
4th March 2017 Australia in India 2016/17 2nd TestIndia v Australiat2251
14th June 2018 Afghanistan in India 2018 Only TestIndia v Afghanistant2307
12th March 2022 Sri Lanka in India 2021/22 2nd TestIndia v Sri Lankat2455