Minor Counties Trophy Matches played on Boscawen Park, Truro (14)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
(the count includes only those matches which have been completed)
14th June 1987 Minor Counties Knock Out Competition 1987 First RoundCornwall v Wiltshiremint78
5th June 1988 Holt Cup 1988 First RoundCornwall v Wiltshiremint94
3rd June 1990 Holt Cup 1990 First RoundCornwall v Wiltshiremint133
31st May 1992 Holt Cup 1992 First RoundCornwall v Devonmint176
5th June 1994 MCC Trophy 1994 First RoundCornwall v Dorsetmint214
14th May 2006 MCCA Trophy 2006 Group 3Cornwall v Berkshiremint748
10th May 2009 MCCA Trophy 2009 Group 3Cornwall v Herefordshiremint863
15th May 2011 MCCA Trophy 2011 Group 2Cornwall v Buckinghamshiremint952
6th May 2012 MCCA Trophy 2012 Group 1Cornwall v Bedfordshiremint986
17th June 2012 MCCA Trophy 2012 Quarter-FinalCornwall v Cumberlandmint1006
4th May 2014 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2014 Group 1Cornwall v Devonmint1067
14th June 2015 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2015 Quarter-FinalCornwall v Berkshiremint1136
1st May 2016 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2016 Group 1Cornwall v Berkshiremint1150a
2nd June 2019 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2019 Second RoundCornwall v Buckinghamshiremint1259
5th June 2022 National Counties Trophy 2022 Group 2Cornwall v Berkshiremint1325
29th May 2023 National Counties Trophy 2023 Group 2Cornwall v Devonmint1365