Minor Counties Trophy Matches played on The Avenue Sports Club Ground, March (18)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
1st June 1997 MCC Trophy 1997 First RoundCambridgeshire v Cheshiremint269
17th May 1998 MCC Trophy 1998 Group 7Cambridgeshire v Norfolkmint287
7th June 1998 MCC Trophy 1998 Group 7Cambridgeshire v Suffolkmint316
27th June 1999 ECB 38-County Cup 1999 Group 7Cambridgeshire v Northamptonshire Cricket Boardmint427
18th June 2000 ECB 38-County Cup 2000 Group 5Cambridgeshire v Bedfordshiremint467
3rd June 2001 ECB 38-County Cup 2001 Group 5Cambridgeshire v Leicestershire Cricket Boardmint547
19th May 2002 ECB 38-County Cup 2002 Group 3Cambridgeshire v Bedfordshiremint612
20th June 2004 MCCA Knock-Out Trophy 2004 Second RoundCambridgeshire v Cumberlandmint699
15th May 2005 MCCA Knock-Out Trophy 2005 First RoundCambridgeshire v Suffolkmint713
30th April 2006 MCCA Trophy 2006 Group 4Cambridgeshire v Hertfordshiremint731
29th April 2007 MCCA Trophy 2007 Group 4Cambridgeshire v Oxfordshiremint769
11th May 2008 MCCA Trophy 2008 Group 4Cambridgeshire v Dorsetmint816
31st May 2009 MCCA Trophy 2009 Group 4Cambridgeshire v Lincolnshiremint874
25th April 2010 MCCA Trophy 2010 Group 4Cambridgeshire v Suffolkmint890
1st May 2011 MCCA Trophy 2011 Group 4Cambridgeshire v Lincolnshiremint935
25th May 2014 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2014 Group 2Cambridgeshire v Bedfordshiremint1087
24th April 2016 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2016 Group 3Cambridgeshire v Norfolkmint1145
15th May 2016 Unicorns Knockout Trophy 2016 Group 3Cambridgeshire v Lincolnshiremint1164
7th June 2020 National Counties Trophy 2020 Group 3Cambridgeshire v Cheshiremint1270a