International Twenty20 Matches played on Old Trafford, Manchester (11)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
(the count includes only those matches which have been completed)
13th June 2008 New Zealand in England 2008 Twenty20England v New Zealanditt56
30th August 2009 Australia in British Isles 2009 1st Twenty20England v Australiaitt119
1st September 2009 Australia in British Isles 2009 2nd Twenty20England v Australiaitt119a
31st August 2011 India in England 2011 Only Twenty20England v Indiaitt204
10th September 2012 South Africa in England 2012 2nd Twenty20England v South Africaitt260
23rd June 2015 New Zealand in England 2015 Only Twenty20England v New Zealanditt423
7th September 2016 Pakistan in England and Ireland 2016 Only Twenty20England v Pakistanitt566
3rd July 2018 India in England and Ireland 2018 1st Twenty20England v Indiaitt684
28th August 2020 Pakistan in England 2020 1st Twenty20England v Pakistanitt1087
30th August 2020 Pakistan in England 2020 2nd Twenty20England v Pakistanitt1093
1st September 2020 Pakistan in England 2020 3rd Twenty20England v Pakistanitt1094
20th July 2021 Pakistan in England 2021 3rd Twenty20England v Pakistanitt1195
1st September 2023 New Zealand in England 2023 2nd Twenty20England v New Zealanditt2017