First-Class Matches played on Foxgrove Road, Beckenham (15)

22nd July 1886 County Match 1886  Kent v Surreyf3041
7th July 1887 Other First-Class matches in England 1887  Players of the South v Players of the Northf3159
21st July 1887 County Match 1887  Kent v Surreyf3166
23rd July 1888 County Match 1888  Kent v Surreyf3294
29th August 1889 County Match 1889  Kent v Nottinghamshiref3431
21st August 1890 County Championship 1890  Kent v Lancashiref3556
25th June 1891 County Championship 1891  Kent v Middlesexf3622
27th July 1893 County Championship 1893  Kent v Sussexf3925
29th June 1896 County Championship 1896  Kent v Nottinghamshiref4483
16th August 1897 County Championship 1897  Kent v Surreyf4784
23rd May 1901 South Africa in British Isles 1901  Kent v South Africansf5540
24th July 1902 County Championship 1902  Kent v Middlesexf5921
25th June 1903 Gentlemen of Philadelphia in British Isles 1903  Kent v Gentlemen of Philadelphiaf6127
21st July 1904 County Championship 1904  Kent v Somersetf6425
3rd August 1905 County Championship 1905  Kent v Surreyf6716