Sri Lanka Major League Tournament 2022/23 Group A Table

1Colombo Cricket Club1232006000122.12528.5162.625
2Moors Sports Club1222003021222.98523.4122.385
3Sinhalese Sports Club1220005023020.9224.9109.82
4Colts Cricket Club1201026011120.60520.4103.005
5Ragama Cricket Club1201014040220.1519.0585.2
6Burgher Recreation Club1211051011220.5721.4576.02
7Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club1210013042118.919.3574.25
8Kandy Customs Sports Club1230050012117.44518.1571.595
9Galle Cricket Club1211021041217.26520.171.365
10Police Sports Club1220021033117.7320.8570.58
11Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club1210002052220.54516.264.745
12Kalutara Town Club1200043021218.38514.2556.635
13Lankan Cricket Club1201030061117.5616.247.76

Sri Lanka Major League Tournament 2022/23 Group B Table

1Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club1241014010122.5228.5145.02
2Sri Lanka Army Sports Club1230005030122.73524.6123.335
3Nondescripts Cricket Club1210007030124.78524.3117.085
4Chilaw Marians Cricket Club1210006023019.4820.55100.03
5Badureliya Sports Club1221012042018.88521.1594.035
6Panadura Sports Club1202013022216.15517.5585.705
7Ace Capital Cricket Club1221010053017.924.7580.65
8Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club1220022024016.7621.1577.91
9Negombo Cricket Club1210033023019.1352176.135
10Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Club1210042032019.3325.272.53
11Nugegoda Sports and Welfare Club1200033042020.119.563.6
12Saracens Sports Club1210012052118.1916.6562.84
13Sri Lanka Navy Sports Club1210070031018.420.8551.25
Points Awarded and Column Key:
Won (W): 12
Won by an innings (WI): 14
Tied (T): 6
Lost (L): 0
Won on 1st innings in drawn match (DWF): 8
Tied on 1st innings in drawn match (DTF): 4
Lost on 1st innings in drawn match (DLF): 0
No Decision on 1st innings (ND): 0
Abandoned without a ball bowled (A): 0
Batting Bonus Points (BatBP)
Bowling Bonus Points (BowBP)
Total points (Pts)
Order in the table:
Position of teams in the table is determined by:
Total points