MCCA Trophy 2007

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

29 Apr 2007 Group 3Berkshire v Wales Minor Counties Browns Sports Field, Thatcham mint767
29 Apr 2007 Group 4Buckinghamshire v Hertfordshire Upton Court Road, Slough mint768
29 Apr 2007 Group 4Cambridgeshire v Oxfordshire The Avenue Sports Club Ground, March mint769
29 Apr 2007 Group 3Dorset v Devon Dean Park, Bournemouth mint770
29 Apr 2007 Group 1Herefordshire v Shropshire The Recreation Ground, Kington mint771
29 Apr 2007 Group 2Norfolk v Lincolnshire Manor Park, Horsford mint772
29 Apr 2007 Group 1Northumberland v Cumberland Roseworth Terrace, Gosforth mint773
06 May 2007 Group 2Bedfordshire v Norfolk Ampthill Park, Ampthill mint774
06 May 2007 Group 1Cheshire v Northumberland Broad Lane, Grappenhall mint775
06 May 2007 Group 3Cornwall v Dorset Cape Cornwall Road, St Just mint776
06 May 2007 Group 3Devon v Berkshire The Maer Ground, Exmouth mint777
06 May 2007 Group 4Oxfordshire v Buckinghamshire The Butts Way, Kingston Blount mint778
06 May 2007 Group 2Suffolk v Staffordshire Ipswich School Ground, Ipswich mint779
06 May 2007 Group 4Wiltshire v Cambridgeshire London Road, Devizes mint780
07 May 2007 Group 2Staffordshire v Bedfordshire Highfield, Leek mint781
13 May 2007 Group 3Berkshire v Cornwall Enborne Lodge, Newbury mint781a
13 May 2007 Group 4Buckinghamshire v Wiltshire Ascott Park, Wing mint781b
13 May 2007 Group 1Herefordshire v Cheshire Stowe Lane, Colwall mint781c
13 May 2007 Group 4Hertfordshire v Oxfordshire Marlins, Long Marston mint781d
13 May 2007 Group 2Lincolnshire v Bedfordshire Cross O'Cliff Court, Bracebridge Heath mint781e
13 May 2007 Group 2Norfolk v Suffolk Manor Park, Horsford mint782
13 May 2007 Group 1Shropshire v Cumberland London Road, Shrewsbury mint783
13 May 2007 Group 3Wales Minor Counties v Devon Marespool, Mumbles mint783a
20 May 2007 Group 4Cambridgeshire v Buckinghamshire Harecroft Road, Wisbech mint784
20 May 2007 Group 1Cheshire v Shropshire Little Heath, Christleton mint785
20 May 2007 Group 3Cornwall v Wales Minor Counties Trescobeas, Falmouth mint786
20 May 2007 Group 1Northumberland v Herefordshire Denton Bank, Benwell Hill mint787
20 May 2007 Group 2Staffordshire v Norfolk Highfield, Leek mint788
20 May 2007 Group 2Suffolk v Lincolnshire Woodbridge School Ground, Woodbridge mint789
20 May 2007 Group 4Wiltshire v Hertfordshire County Ground, Trowbridge mint790
21 May 2007 Group 1Cumberland v Herefordshire Ernest Valentine Ground, Workington mint791
28 May 2007 Group 3Dorset v Berkshire Dean Park, Bournemouth mint791a
03 Jun 2007 Group 2Bedfordshire v Suffolk The Vale, Westoning mint792
03 Jun 2007 Group 1Cumberland v Cheshire Ernest Pass Memorial Ground, Barrow-in-Furness mint793
03 Jun 2007 Group 3Devon v Cornwall Sandhills, Instow mint794
03 Jun 2007 Group 4Hertfordshire v Cambridgeshire Home Farm, North Mymms mint795
03 Jun 2007 Group 2Lincolnshire v Staffordshire Lindum Sports Club Ground, Lincoln mint796
03 Jun 2007 Group 4Oxfordshire v Wiltshire Radley College Bigside Ground, Abingdon mint797
03 Jun 2007 Group 1Shropshire v Northumberland Morda Road, Oswestry mint798
03 Jun 2007 Group 3Wales Minor Counties v Dorset Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny mint799
01 Jul 2007 Semi-FinalCheshire v Devon Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester mint799a
01 Jul 2007 Semi-FinalOxfordshire v Suffolk Vicarage Hill, East Challow mint800
29 Jul 2007 Semi-Final ReplayCheshire v Devon Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester mint801
27 Aug 2007 FinalCheshire v Suffolk Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood mint802