Fielding in Southern Africa Cup 2023 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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C Chete (Mlw)35 5
A Limdawala (Mlw)34 4
V Mbazo (Bot)3224
BA Sambo (Moz)34 4
P Silas (Bot)23 3
Adil Butt (Esw)32 2
JJ Huo (Moz)32 2
DV Macome (Moz)32 2
L Makgale (Bot)22 2
KM Motlhanka (Bot)32 2
GM Ntambalika (Mlw)32 2
Umair Qasim (Esw)32 2
MA Baig (Mlw)31 1
S Barediya (Esw)21 1
M Jele (Esw)31 1
D Kansonkho (Mlw)31 1
D Maisuria (Bot)31 1
Sami Sohail (Mlw)31 1
SZ Vayani (Mlw)31 1