Fielding in Birmingham and District League County League Play-Offs 2022 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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MJB Higgins (CNW)3415
SD Burrows (Tam)34 4
S Iqbal (OH)34 4
N Biggs (CNW)33 3
L Brazier (Tam)33 3
A Jones (Whit)33 3
Waqas Ahmed (OH)33 3
K Dabas (Whit)32 2
H Horsley (CNW)32 2
Jahanzib Khan (OH)32 2
E Jones (Whit)22 2
T Kinson (Tam)32 2
M Nobes (CNW)32 2
TS Toor (CNW)32 2
B Hassan (OH)31 1
W Iles (CNW)31 1
A Iqbal (OH)11 1
Z Kafiat (OH)31 1
M Kamboj (CNW)31 1
Kashif Hussain (Whit)31 1
B Maddox (Tam)31 1
A Manzoor (OH)31 1
E Smith (Tam)31 1
VJ Sodhi (CNW)31 1
D Weaver (Whit)11 1