Fielding in Kwacha Twenty20 Cup 2019/20 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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FA Cossa (Moz)66 6
Imran Ismail (Moz)76 6
HH Patel (Mlw)76 6
D Kansonkho (Mlw)75 5
Sami Sohail (Mlw)75 5
MA Baig (Mlw)74 4
G Kansonkho (Mlw)64 4
C Chete (Mlw)23 3
F Damiao Couana (Moz)72 2
L Emilio (Moz)52 2
Mohammed Nurji (Mlw)62 2
M Abdulla (Mlw)51 1
J Bulele (Moz)71 1
JJ Huo (Moz)71 1
Kaleem Shah (Moz)71 1
U Master (Mlw)61 1
Muhammad Khurram (Mlw)51 1
M Mwamadi (Mlw)31 1