Other matches in Scotland 1963

04 May 1963  Strathallan School v Morrison's Academy, Crieff The Lawn, Forgandenny misc
05 May 1963  Grange v East of Scotland Raeburn Place, Edinburgh misc410653
11 May 1963  Edinburgh Academy v Strathallan School New Field, Edinburgh misc861508
12 May 1963  Grange v South of Scotland Raeburn Place, Edinburgh misc875755
18 May 1963  Morrison's Academy, Crieff v Strathallan School King George V Playing Field, Crieff misc861509
19 May 1963  Scottish Counties v East of Scotland Boghall, Linlithgow misc410654
20 May 1963  East of Scotland v West of Scotland Raeburn Place, Edinburgh misc410655
22 May 1963  Strathallan School v Merchiston Castle School The Lawn, Forgandenny misc861510
25 May 1963  Daniel Stewart's and Melville College v Strathallan School Inverleith, Edinburgh misc861511
26 May 1963  East of Scotland v South of Scotland Grange Loan, Edinburgh misc410656
28 May 1963  Fettes College v Strathallan School Fettes College, Edinburgh misc861512
01 Jun 1963  Strathallan School v Strathallians The Lawn, Forgandenny misc861513
05 Jun 1963  Strathallan School v Dollar Academy The Lawn, Forgandenny misc861514
08 Jun 1963  Loretto School v Strathallan School Loretto School, Edinburgh misc861515
19 Jun 1963  Strathallan School v Glasgow Academy The Lawn, Forgandenny misc861516
22 Jun 1963  Perth Academy v Strathallan School Perth Academy Ground, Perth misc861517
30 Jun 1963  Strathmore Union v East of Scotland Lochside Park, Forfar misc410657
09 Jul 1963  Strathallan School v Perthshire The Lawn, Forgandenny misc861518
14 Jul 1963  Strathmore Union v Scottish Counties Guthrie Park, Brechin misc774932a
16 Jul 1963  Strathallan School v Ayrshire Wanderers The Lawn, Forgandenny misc861519
17 Jul 1963  Strathallan School v Kirkcaldy The Lawn, Forgandenny misc861520
20 Jul 1963  Strathallan School v Glenalmond College The Lawn, Forgandenny misc861521