Surrey Championship Premier Division 2012

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

05 May 2012  Banstead v Sutton Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1136a
05 May 2012  Camberley v Guildford Upper Verran Road, Camberley surrp1137
05 May 2012  Normandy v Reigate Priory Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1138
05 May 2012  Weybridge v Malden Wanderers The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1139
05 May 2012  Wimbledon v Sunbury Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1139a
12 May 2012  Guildford v Malden Wanderers Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1140
12 May 2012  Normandy v Weybridge Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1141
12 May 2012  Reigate Priory v Banstead Park Lane, Reigate surrp1142
12 May 2012  Sunbury v Sutton Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1143
12 May 2012  Wimbledon v Camberley Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1144
19 May 2012  Guildford v Normandy Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1145
19 May 2012  Malden Wanderers v Banstead Cambridge Avenue, New Malden surrp1146
19 May 2012  Reigate Priory v Wimbledon Park Lane, Reigate surrp1147
19 May 2012  Sunbury v Weybridge Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1148
19 May 2012  Sutton v Camberley Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1149
26 May 2012  Banstead v Wimbledon Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1150
26 May 2012  Camberley v Normandy Upper Verran Road, Camberley surrp1151
26 May 2012  Malden Wanderers v Sunbury Cambridge Avenue, New Malden surrp1152
26 May 2012  Sutton v Reigate Priory Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1153
26 May 2012  Weybridge v Guildford The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1154
02 Jun 2012  Banstead v Camberley Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1155
02 Jun 2012  Guildford v Sutton Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1156
02 Jun 2012  Malden Wanderers v Normandy Cambridge Avenue, New Malden surrp1157
02 Jun 2012  Sunbury v Reigate Priory Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1158
02 Jun 2012  Wimbledon v Weybridge Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1159
09 Jun 2012  Camberley v Sunbury Upper Verran Road, Camberley surrp1160
09 Jun 2012  Normandy v Wimbledon Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1161
09 Jun 2012  Reigate Priory v Guildford Park Lane, Reigate surrp1162
09 Jun 2012  Sutton v Malden Wanderers Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1163
09 Jun 2012  Weybridge v Banstead The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1164
16 Jun 2012  Guildford v Banstead Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1165
16 Jun 2012  Malden Wanderers v Wimbledon Cambridge Avenue, New Malden surrp1166
16 Jun 2012  Reigate Priory v Camberley Park Lane, Reigate surrp1167
16 Jun 2012  Sunbury v Normandy Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1168
16 Jun 2012  Sutton v Weybridge Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1169
23 Jun 2012  Banstead v Sunbury Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1170
23 Jun 2012  Camberley v Malden Wanderers Upper Verran Road, Camberley surrp1171
23 Jun 2012  Normandy v Sutton Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1172
23 Jun 2012  Weybridge v Reigate Priory The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1173
23 Jun 2012  Wimbledon v Guildford Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1174
30 Jun 2012  Guildford v Camberley Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1175
30 Jun 2012  Malden Wanderers v Weybridge Cambridge Avenue, New Malden surrp1176
30 Jun 2012  Reigate Priory v Normandy Park Lane, Reigate surrp1177
30 Jun 2012  Sunbury v Wimbledon Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1178
30 Jun 2012  Sutton v Banstead Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1179
07 Jul 2012  Normandy v Banstead Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1179a
07 Jul 2012  Reigate Priory v Malden Wanderers Park Lane, Reigate surrp1180
07 Jul 2012  Sunbury v Guildford Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1181
07 Jul 2012  Sutton v Wimbledon Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1182
07 Jul 2012  Weybridge v Camberley The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1183
14 Jul 2012  Banstead v Malden Wanderers Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1183a
14 Jul 2012  Camberley v Sutton Upper Verran Road, Camberley surrp1183b
14 Jul 2012  Normandy v Guildford Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1183c
14 Jul 2012  Weybridge v Sunbury The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1183d
14 Jul 2012  Wimbledon v Reigate Priory Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1183e
21 Jul 2012  Guildford v Weybridge Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1184
21 Jul 2012  Normandy v Camberley Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1185
21 Jul 2012  Reigate Priory v Sutton Park Lane, Reigate surrp1186
21 Jul 2012  Sunbury v Malden Wanderers Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1187
21 Jul 2012  Wimbledon v Banstead Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1188
04 Aug 2012  Banstead v Reigate Priory Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1188a
04 Aug 2012  Camberley v Wimbledon Upper Verran Road, Camberley surrp1189
04 Aug 2012  Malden Wanderers v Guildford Cambridge Avenue, New Malden surrp1190
04 Aug 2012  Sutton v Sunbury Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1191
04 Aug 2012  Weybridge v Normandy The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1192
11 Aug 2012  Guildford v Wimbledon Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1193
11 Aug 2012  Malden Wanderers v Camberley Cambridge Avenue, New Malden surrp1194
11 Aug 2012  Reigate Priory v Weybridge Park Lane, Reigate surrp1195
11 Aug 2012  Sunbury v Banstead Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1196
11 Aug 2012  Sutton v Normandy Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1197
18 Aug 2012  Banstead v Guildford Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1198
18 Aug 2012  Camberley v Reigate Priory Upper Verran Road, Camberley surrp1199
18 Aug 2012  Normandy v Sunbury Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1200
18 Aug 2012  Weybridge v Sutton The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1201
18 Aug 2012  Wimbledon v Malden Wanderers Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1202
25 Aug 2012  Camberley v Banstead Upper Verran Road, Camberley surrp1203
25 Aug 2012  Normandy v Malden Wanderers Hunts Hill Road, Normandy surrp1204
25 Aug 2012  Reigate Priory v Sunbury Park Lane, Reigate surrp1205
25 Aug 2012  Sutton v Guildford Cheam Road, Sutton surrp1206
25 Aug 2012  Weybridge v Wimbledon The Cricket Green, Weybridge surrp1207
01 Sep 2012  Banstead v Normandy Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1208
01 Sep 2012  Camberley v Weybridge Upper Verran Road, Camberley surrp1209
01 Sep 2012  Guildford v Sunbury Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1210
01 Sep 2012  Malden Wanderers v Reigate Priory Cambridge Avenue, New Malden surrp1211
01 Sep 2012  Wimbledon v Sutton Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1212
08 Sep 2012  Banstead v Weybridge Recreation Ground, Banstead surrp1213
08 Sep 2012  Guildford v Reigate Priory Woodbridge Road, Guildford surrp1214
08 Sep 2012  Malden Wanderers v Sutton Cambridge Avenue, New Malden surrp1215
08 Sep 2012  Sunbury v Camberley Kenton Court Meadow, Sunbury-on-Thames surrp1216
08 Sep 2012  Wimbledon v Normandy Church Road, Wimbledon surrp1217