Scotland National Cricket League Premier Division 2010

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

24 Apr 2010  Clydesdale v Scotland Academy Titwood, Glasgow csl2847
25 Apr 2010  Grange v Scotland Academy Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2848
01 May 2010  Carlton v Grange Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2850
01 May 2010  Dunfermline v Aberdeenshire McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2851
01 May 2010  Forfarshire v Watsonians Forthill, Dundee csl2854
01 May 2010  Greenock v Clydesdale Glenpark, Greenock csl2855
01 May 2010  West of Scotland v Uddingston Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2862
02 May 2010  Aberdeenshire v Scotland Academy Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2863
08 May 2010  Aberdeenshire v Greenock Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2864
08 May 2010  Clydesdale v Carlton Titwood, Glasgow csl2866
08 May 2010  Forfarshire v West of Scotland Forthill, Dundee csl2870
08 May 2010  Grange v Dunfermline Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2872
08 May 2010  Uddingston v Watsonians Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2877
15 May 2010  Carlton v Greenock Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2880
15 May 2010  Clydesdale v Aberdeenshire Titwood, Glasgow csl2881
15 May 2010  Dunfermline v West of Scotland McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2884
15 May 2010  Uddingston v Forfarshire Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2891
15 May 2010  Watsonians v Grange Myreside, Edinburgh csl2892
16 May 2010  Forfarshire v Scotland Academy Forthill, Dundee csl2894
22 May 2010  Aberdeenshire v Uddingston Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2895
22 May 2010  Dunfermline v Forfarshire McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2898
22 May 2010  Greenock v Grange Glenpark, Greenock csl2902
22 May 2010  Watsonians v Clydesdale Myreside, Edinburgh csl2908
22 May 2010  West of Scotland v Carlton Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2909
29 May 2010  Carlton v Dunfermline Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2911
29 May 2010  Clydesdale v Uddingston Titwood, Glasgow csl2912
29 May 2010  Forfarshire v Aberdeenshire Forthill, Dundee csl2915
29 May 2010  Grange v West of Scotland Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2916
29 May 2010  Greenock v Watsonians Glenpark, Greenock csl2917
30 May 2010  Uddingston v Scotland Academy Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2924
05 Jun 2010  Clydesdale v Grange Titwood, Glasgow csl2926
05 Jun 2010  Forfarshire v Carlton Forthill, Dundee csl2929
05 Jun 2010  Uddingston v Dunfermline Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2937
05 Jun 2010  Watsonians v Aberdeenshire Myreside, Edinburgh csl2938
05 Jun 2010  West of Scotland v Greenock Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2939
12 Jun 2010  Aberdeenshire v West of Scotland Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2940
12 Jun 2010  Carlton v Watsonians Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2942
12 Jun 2010  Dunfermline v Clydesdale McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2943
12 Jun 2010  Grange v Uddingston Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2945
12 Jun 2010  Greenock v Forfarshire Glenpark, Greenock csl2946
20 Jun 2010  Aberdeenshire v Grange Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl2955
20 Jun 2010  Dunfermline v Greenock McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2960
20 Jun 2010  Forfarshire v Clydesdale Forthill, Dundee csl2964
20 Jun 2010  Uddingston v Carlton Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2968
20 Jun 2010  West of Scotland v Watsonians Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2969
26 Jun 2010  Carlton v Aberdeenshire Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2970
26 Jun 2010  Grange v Forfarshire Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2974
26 Jun 2010  Greenock v Uddingston Glenpark, Greenock csl2975
26 Jun 2010  Watsonians v Dunfermline Myreside, Edinburgh csl2982
26 Jun 2010  West of Scotland v Clydesdale Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl2984
03 Jul 2010  Clydesdale v Greenock Titwood, Glasgow csl2986
03 Jul 2010  Dunfermline v Aberdeenshire McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2989
03 Jul 2010  Grange v Carlton Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl2992
03 Jul 2010  Uddingston v West of Scotland Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl2997
03 Jul 2010  Watsonians v Forfarshire Myreside, Edinburgh csl2998
10 Jul 2010  Carlton v Clydesdale Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl2999b
10 Jul 2010  Dunfermline v Grange McKane Park, Dunfermline csl2999c
10 Jul 2010  Greenock v Aberdeenshire Glenpark, Greenock csl3000
10 Jul 2010  Watsonians v Uddingston Myreside, Edinburgh csl3001c
10 Jul 2010  West of Scotland v Forfarshire Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl3002
11 Jul 2010  West of Scotland v Scotland Academy Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl3002a
17 Jul 2010  Aberdeenshire v Clydesdale Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl3003
17 Jul 2010  Forfarshire v Uddingston Forthill, Dundee csl3006
17 Jul 2010  Grange v Watsonians Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl3008
17 Jul 2010  Greenock v Carlton Glenpark, Greenock csl3009
17 Jul 2010  West of Scotland v Dunfermline Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl3015
24 Jul 2010  Carlton v West of Scotland Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl3016
24 Jul 2010  Clydesdale v Watsonians Titwood, Glasgow csl3017
24 Jul 2010  Forfarshire v Dunfermline Forthill, Dundee csl3021
24 Jul 2010  Grange v Greenock Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl3022
24 Jul 2010  Uddingston v Aberdeenshire Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl3028
25 Jul 2010  Watsonians v Scotland Academy Myreside, Edinburgh csl3031
31 Jul 2010  Aberdeenshire v Forfarshire Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl3032
31 Jul 2010  Dunfermline v Carlton McKane Park, Dunfermline csl3034
31 Jul 2010  Uddingston v Clydesdale Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl3044
31 Jul 2010  Watsonians v Greenock Myreside, Edinburgh csl3045
31 Jul 2010  West of Scotland v Grange Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl3046
01 Aug 2010  Greenock v Scotland Academy Glenpark, Greenock csl3047
07 Aug 2010  Aberdeenshire v Watsonians Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl3048
07 Aug 2010  Carlton v Forfarshire Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl3050
07 Aug 2010  Dunfermline v Uddingston McKane Park, Dunfermline csl3053
07 Aug 2010  Grange v Clydesdale Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl3055
07 Aug 2010  West of Scotland v Greenock Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl3061
08 Aug 2010  Dunfermline v Scotland Academy McKane Park, Dunfermline csl3062
14 Aug 2010  Clydesdale v Dunfermline Titwood, Glasgow csl3064
14 Aug 2010  Forfarshire v Greenock Forthill, Dundee csl3067
14 Aug 2010  Uddingston v Grange Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl3073
14 Aug 2010  Watsonians v Carlton Myreside, Edinburgh csl3074
14 Aug 2010  West of Scotland v Aberdeenshire Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow csl3077
15 Aug 2010  Carlton v Scotland Academy Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl3078
21 Aug 2010  Carlton v Uddingston Grange Loan, Edinburgh csl3079
21 Aug 2010  Clydesdale v Forfarshire Titwood, Glasgow csl3080
21 Aug 2010  Grange v Aberdeenshire Raeburn Place, Edinburgh csl3083
21 Aug 2010  Greenock v Dunfermline Glenpark, Greenock csl3084
21 Aug 2010  Watsonians v West of Scotland Myreside, Edinburgh csl3092
28 Aug 2010  Aberdeenshire v Carlton Mannofield Park, Aberdeen csl3094
28 Aug 2010  Clydesdale v West of Scotland Titwood, Glasgow csl3097
28 Aug 2010  Dunfermline v Watsonians McKane Park, Dunfermline csl3099
28 Aug 2010  Forfarshire v Grange Forthill, Dundee csl3103
28 Aug 2010  Uddingston v Greenock Bothwell Castle, Uddingston csl3108