Bhuvi never compromises on discipline and punctuality
by Bipin Dani

Player:Bhuvneshwar Kumar
Event:India in West Indies 2016

DateLine: 17th July 2016


Mumbai, July 17 : Team India's new coach Anil Kumble has made the right choice to appoint Bhuvneshwar Kumar as Fine Committee chairman during the Windies tour, believe pace-bowler's two childhood coaches.


Bhuvi's committee (Cheteshwar Pujara and Shikhar Dhawan are the other two members of the panel) will collect fine from the late-coming team mates while boarding a bus or attending the team-meetings or net-sessions, and the collected penalty will be used for the noble cause.


"Bhuvi is one of the most disciplined players of the current team and is very very punctual in all his activities", Sanjay Rastogi, who coached him in his early days, said.


"I don't remember a single day when Kumar didn't turn up in time for the training. He has always maintained his time-schedule, which was also a good lesson for the other boys".


"Bhuvi has a habit of focusing only on his job and his sincerity is undoubted. In his career so far he is not involved in any controversy and he will certainly keep his slate clean", Rastogi added.


Kumar's other coach Vipin Vats, speaking exclusively, said, "during his days with my academy, this boy used to come before time. He never compromised on punctuality. He is a very shy person and the son of an honest father, who was in police department".


Later, speaking exclusively again, Bhuvi's father Kiran Pal Singh said, "the lessons of punctuality we learnt from my days in the police department. I used to attend parades regularly and my both children (son Bhuvi and daughter Rekha) are aware how we keep our foot-steps at the regular interval in parade".


"Discipline is the essence in the police force and there can be no short-cut", the father, who took VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme) in 2013, said.


Duncan Fletcher, when approached in South Africa, refused to say anything whether he too imposed a strict disciplinary clause for the team during his time with Team India. He also didn't want to comment on Kumble's new Code of Conduct clauses.


"I don't want to say anything. I am finished now. No comments", he said.


Greg Chappell and Ravi Shastri too didn't respond to our repeated requests.


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